s200_jonathan.furnerJonathan Furner (M.A. Cambridge 1990, Ph.D. Sheffield 1994) is a Professor in the Department of Information Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles, and a faculty affiliate of UCLA’s Center for Digital Humanities.

Furner studies the history and philosophy of cultural stewardship, and teaches classes on the representation and organization of archival records, library materials, and museum objects. He has published over fifty papers on these and related topics, frequently using conceptual analysis to evaluate the theoretical frameworks, data models, and metadata standards on which information access systems rely.

Furner chairs the Dewey Decimal Classification’s editorial policy committee (DDC EPC). He is co-editor of book series for MIT Press and Facet (UK), and a regular reviewer of contributions to journals and conferences in the fields of philosophy of information, knowledge organization, and bibliometrics.